Monday, 17 February 2014

Hooray! It's a Holiday!

So I recently took a trip to Center Parcs (literally got back roughly an hour ago) at their Elveden forest location. It was so nice to take some time-out with family and friends and have a lovely break at the same time. Being my usual self I did take some snaps whilst I was there as I knew it was about time I posted something new on here! 

We stayed in the most common accommodation on the Center Parcs sites which is the 'New Style Executive'. If you're like me and have stayed at Center Parcs before, you'll know that a majority of the time the rooms are immaculately clean and the beds are soooooo comfy! However, during our stay we managed to rip a North Face coat on the door and accumulate an infestation of ants after my brother decided he'd leave his sweets on the floor. Oops! 

The photo of this room was taken after the beds had been slept in for one night - so keep that thought in mind! Let's just hope that Blogging and Journalism works out for me as I'll never make it as a cleaner...

Food at Center Parcs is absolutely amazing; they have so many restaurants of so many cultures far and wide. Whilst we were there our family ate out at a restaurant called 'Huck's'. I'm pretty sure you have heard of it before if you have visited before, but if you haven't, they serve American food and it tastes divine! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me at this point so you'll have to stick with iPhone pictures! Sorry!

I ordered a portion of BBQ Ribs with chips as a main and for dessert Key Lime Pie and it was so good and so yummy! What I like about it is that you can order 'half-portions' on literally anything. So, if you struggle to eat an American sized portion like moi, you can settle for a smaller, more English sized meal at half of the cost - perfect!

There was also numerous trips to Starbucks whilst I was there. I just couldn't bare the temptation of craving a 'Raspberry Blackcurrant Juice Blend' and 'Chocolate Chip Shortbread' every so often! Sometimes you just cannot hold yourself back - eh?

During our stay, I also set myself a goal of capturing some sort of wildlife. Since we were staying in a forest I was hoping some creatures to approach our villa. However, after several pigeons and an infestation of ants later, I finally shot a squirrel! (Not literally) Cue the squirrel photos!..

 Using the rule of thirds there (like a pro...not!)

Pretty good hey? Anyway, that concludes this post and my little getaway! I will be posting a lot more over the next couple of weeks as it's half-term yay! Have a lovely, luxurious holidays and stay safe!