Saturday, 31 May 2014

MAC Crème Cup

And here I am, yet again, typing my thoughts about my new MAC purchase at a ridiculous time in the evening (live life with no regrets -eh?) Anyway, a couple of days ago I picked up my first lipstick from MAC. I have honestly never been much of a 'lipstick wearer' as I've never had the confidence to parade around with vibrant colours on my lips. However, I have always fantasized over the MAC lipsticks ever since I started buying their products but never brought myself round to purchasing one.

The lady in MAC recommended to me that I tried out Crème Cup as it wasn't too different to my natural lip colour. This way, I can wear it on a day-to-day basis without looking ridiculously OTT (because I've seen some of their shades, and let me tell you, some look a tad scary!) and without making me look paler than I am already. 

Crème Cup is a cremesheen finish so this means that it is really moisturising, and has a creamy texture to it with a gentle shiny finish. It is a dusky pink colour which looks so natural and flattering when worn. My first impressions of this lipstick are great! I love it and ever since I've bought it, I've been using it everyday! 

Crème Cup also smells sooooo good! I don't know whether MAC put scents in their lipsticks - I don't think they do? But, this lipstick smells so good it's unreal! It kind of reminds me of  the shells from Cadbury Mini Eggs as just has that distinctive sugary scent that smells d-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l!

This lipstick retails at £15 the same as the other lipsticks from MAC (apart from another range which I think are £15.50?) so it is quite reasonable but definitely worth the money! Now I've bought one I want so many others!

 I definitely recommend this to you if you want to buy your first MAC lipstick but are unsure of what colour to choose! Let me know what your favourite shade of MAC lipstick is as I'd love to hear your opinions on one's I should try out next!

Chloe x

Friday, 30 May 2014

Mini Topshop and Beauty Haul

The other day, me and my lovely mother spent the day in the city doing a spot of retail therapy in the rain. I picked up only a few things as in all honesty there wasn't that many items that struck my eye that day.

First I picked up this set of beautiful Essie nail polishes in a set called 'bridal bliss', which I'm guessing is picked out for ladies on their special day. Despite this, and no I'm not getting married, I bought it as the colours were to elegant to leave on the self! Essie polishes usually retail at £7.99 each but in this duo set they were £12.99.

'Allure' is the pale, milky colour which I think will look so pretty and 'Eternal Optimist' is a more pastel pink colour which is really flattering. Another reason why I picked up this set is because I recently started a new job as a waitress and have to look keep myself looking natural so I have to stick to natural nail colours. I have no problem with that though as I think natural nail colours (pales, nudes, and pinks) look prettier anyway (but that's just my opinion!)  

Finally I also caved in to purchase my first MAC Lipstick in the colour Créme Cup. In all honesty this is literally the colour of my natural lips, but therefore I know it will definitely use it! It's such a pretty pink colour and I will do a review on it in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Then I took a trip into Topshop (as per usual) actually wanting to buy a skort as I don't own one yet and think they look gorgeous. Instead, I came out with this gem. It's a skirt with a tapestry looking design with contrast sides and I love the fusion of colour within it. 

I've also wanted to try and break out of my monochrome habit as black & white is just boring! This skirt has an A-line fit so gradually widens towards the bottom and looks extremely flattering. I have also bought several A-line style skirts from Topshop as I absolutely adore them.

Hopefully I will be doing an outfit post soon styling this skirt because I am head-over-heels in love with it!

Chloé x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Benefit POREfessional

Wow, it's been such a long time since I last posted here! Unfortunately, I've been caught in the midst of my GCSE examinations (eeeww) but luckily I only have 3 more to go and it's A-Levels! Also, I recently bagged myself a job which I love doing (whoooooop!). Anyway, the good thing is that I've returned and hopefully get back into the routine of posting weekly - but thank you for sticking with me!

Today, I'm going to do a little product review on Benefits POREfessional primer because I've recently been able to get a hold of the sample version from ELLE Magazine! 

When I saw that ELLE were giving away free little samples of POREfessional with their magazine I was SO excited (and that may be a little bit of an understatement!) as I've been wanted to try it out so badly; without having to spend £24.50 to find out I don't like it. However, I cannot wait to go and buy the full size version of this product as it is absolutely incredible!   

I was a little bit skeptical about using it at first as I realised it is sort of  orange in colour and with my pale skin thought that it probably wasn't a good idea! Though I was proved completely wrong when I tried it on the back of my hand with it appearing perfectly transparent and leaving it silky smooth with a entirely natural finish.

When I use this, which is everyday, I tend to focus it in my T-zone as that's where my skin can get a little bit oily after a while. After a couple of uses, I noticed that my skin would last a lot longer before appearing oily and the 'benefit' is that you can top it up on top of your make-up. I haven't tried it on top of my make-up as of yet as I tend to apply more of my MAC powder instead.

I literally cannot wait to go out and buy the full size version as I absolutely love it and use it everyday what I wear make-up! If you want to pick it up too, you can get it here.

Let me know if you have tried POREfessional out too and your thoughts on it as I'd love to hear them!

Chloé x

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mini ASOS Haul

 Believe it or not this is the first time I have ever bought something from ASOS before. Purely because I spend most of my money in Topshop. However, after seeing ASOS' range of wildlife smock dresses and dainty sandals - I had to place an order!

I had never really tried a smock dress before as I thought they'd appear frumpy and unflattering. But I thought I'd go for it and see what they look like on - I actually quite like it! I also fell for adorrrrable fox pattern on it and can see me wearing this dress quite a lot throughout the spring/summer months! Plus, for £28 it couldn't be left alone!

The sandals are actually from New Look but ASOS stocks their items, and, at £7.99 I don't think you can really go wrong when buying some shoes! Sandals are actually an uncommon thing in my wardrobe and I actually own very few pairs. So, I was in desperate need of a new pair for the warmer months. This pair have a buckle strap fastening and some elegant gold detailing at the front.

Despite this being a mini haul I am very glad with my purchases! Hopefully these items will eventually feature in some outfit posts (I'm not making any promises but I want them to become more common on here!) Also, sorry for the decline in posting, after next week I'm starting my GCSE's - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!