Thursday, 23 January 2014

What I Hope to Achieve in 2014

So, this is a bit of a belated blog-post but I wanted to share the things I hope to achieve this year. 

1. Get good GCSE grades - I am currently in my final year of school and taking all of my exams in May/June this year. To be honest I've turned into quite a "nerd" this year and have put my schoolwork before anything I do, so to get some As in my GCSEs would be amazing! 

2. Travel more - I have been extremely lucky to travel to several different countries at such a young age: Dominican Republic, United States of America, France and Finland. Though there are so many other places I want to go including places all over England. 

3. Become fluent in French - I really love learning new languages and I think French is a beautiful language. I've been learning it for over 5 years now and I'm still not fluent. However, I have started building friendships with 2 filles en France and we write letters and emails to each other in French (with a little help from Google Translate!). I really recommend this if you're trying to learn a new language! Bonne chance!  

4. Conquer the art of Teeline Shorthand - I am really interested in English and journalism and want to pursue it as a career. To learn Teeline shorthand at the age of sixteen would be an amazing achievement (though it is quite hard and I tend to start doodling instead). I want to learn shorthand now as it would take so much pressure off of myself at university.

5. Publish more blogposts on my Guardian page - Blogging for The Guardian is an amazing achievement in itself and I'm so chuffed I was able too. My first post got over 6,000 views in the first few hours and started a huge debate over social networking sites (oops!). However, I feel like I don't post enough on there. To think of more articles would be fab and it will really kick off my journalism career.

6. Interview an important/valued person - Now, this one is on the verge of becoming within my grasp. The principal at my school is a superb man; he had a meeting with our local MP and told him all about me. He told him all about me  blogging for The Guardian and carrying out interviews with teachers and pupils at our school. Our MP informed my principal that there was a very high chance that he could arrange an interview with a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons! So exciting! 

7. Reach 200 followers on this blog - This is a bit aspirational, but with a lot of hard work I think it would be possible! I hope to post a lot more frequently especially when my exams are out of the way! I'm currently at 19 followers so, only 181 to go! 

8. Stop worrying so much - I really dislike going places on my own and taking public transport on my own as I panic myself so much. Suffering from anxiety isn't the nicest thing in the world so I'd love to overcome some of it. It's horrible feeling so nervous all the time when nothing is even happening. 

I really wanted to get this post out of the way as I don't think it could have been any later and I hope you achieve what you want in 2014!

Chloe xxx

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Topshop Haul - Winter 2014

I recently had un peu splurge in Topshop as I was in desperate need of some new additions to the wardrobe (according to mum, I wasn't - but hey-ho!).

Recently, I've really been into wearing skirts so picked up this check/gingham patterned one. I love to wear monochrome clothing as I feel it suits me better than bright, vibrant colours so I played it safe. The skirt feels like it is made with wool in it and is a bit itchy on bare legs, but with tights hey presto, problem solved! It falls to about mid thigh length and sits on your hips so it's a very flattering skirt. I also picked up the yellow crepe top to wear with the skirt after I was inspired by Olivia Harker's Christmas outfit as she also owns the gingham skirt. This top is honestly so comfortable and it's baggy but really feminine at the same time - what more could you want? Finally, clothing-wise I picked up this black cropped cami to wear with the skirt when it gets a bit warmer. I also think cami tops are a very versatile piece of clothing to have as they go with anything and can be both dressed-up and dressed-down. 

While I was there, I also picked up my first make-up items from Topshop's make-up collection. I had always doubted the quality of Topshop's make-up but I thought I'd give it ago and boy was I proved wrong! Topshop's lipsticks have such great quality and are really opaque when on. I also think they're very moisturising and last for ages! The colour I bought was Beguiled it is a dark purple and looks very vampy against my pale skin! I also couldn't resist picking up a brow pencil as I was in desperate need of a new one - the colour I bought was Blonde since I have blonde hair I thought that was a wise choice to make! I really like the quality of this too and especially the fact that it comes with the brush (what are they actually called?) on the end of it. In my Topshop binge I also picked up a creme blush in Head Over Heels. I had never used a creme blush before but I was impressed by the colour of it as it blends into your skin to give you faint rosy cheeks rather than looking like an elf with massive pick blotches on your face! 

Links to what I was wearing: 

Crepe Top - Topshop
Cami Top - Topshop
Gingham Skirt - Topshop

Lips in 'Begulied' - Topshop
Brow pencil in 'Blonde' - Topshop
Creme blush in 'Head Over Heels' - Topshop

Chloe xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I know that when you read this New Year's day will probably be over. In fact, it will be over. However, I am restarting my blog because my other blog was awful and I never posted, like ever. Though never fear, it is my mission to blog as often as possible; considering I have a fair amount of free time this year as I leave school in May! Eeeeek!

Once again this blog will contain updates of my life mixed in with fashion, beauty and anything else I feel like posting or that you want to see! 

Don't forget to follow my blog with GFC, Bloglovin' or just writing the link down! Have a fabulous, fun-filled 2014 and I hope to post again soon! 

Chloe x 

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