Wednesday, 4 June 2014

'Get To Know Me' - 25 Questions Tag

1. Do you have a middle name?
I do indeed, it's Louise but I hate it!

2. What was your favourite subject in school? 

I really, really like English and also Media Studies as I want to be a journalist when I'm older.

3. What's your favourite drink?

Hmmm..I can't help but indulge in a 'Raspberry & Roobios Tea' from M&S every now and again! 

4. What's your favourite song at the moment? 

When I'm not belting out the songs from Frozen, probably 'Extraordinary' by Clean Bandit or 'Tous les mêmes' by Stromae. 

5. What would you name your children?

If I have a girl, I like Fleur, Poppy or Felicity. Errrm..boys names I don't actually know! Probably something traditional.

6. Do you participate in any sports?

Not currently, I used to do gymnastics as a young child but stopped and went on to doing dance instead. I did it for 6 years up until I was 15 and had to stop because I was diagnosed with extreme exhaustion (oops!).

7. What's your favourite book?

Now, this is a difficult one! But it probably has to be 'The Great Gatsby' by Scott Fitzgerald followed by something like 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen. 

8. What's your favourite colour?

I think I have to do with pink or orange? I don't really have an explanation, they're just pretty! 

9. What's your favourite animal?

I'm a dog person, but I really like cute, fluffy rabbits too! 

10. What's your favourite perfume? 

'Daisy - Eau so Fresh' by Marc Jacobs I wear it literally everyday!

11. What's your favourite holiday?

I love Christmas - I mean, who doesn't? 

12. Have you graduated from High School? 

I'm guessing this is an American tag and High School there is a little different to the UK. But yes, I have left Secondary School in the UK and start Sixth Form in September.

13. Have you even been out of the country? 

Yes, I have several times! I've been to France 4 times, Finland, the USA and Dominican Republic! Next year I am off to Borneo, Malaysia for 4 weeks doing project work with Camps International which is so exciting!

14. Do you speak any other languages? 

Well, I speak English (of course), I'm pretty fluent in French now (my grammar is slightly off), I learnt a little bit of Chinese (Mandarin) and I'm currently learning to speak Malay for my expedition next year. I love learning languages! J'adore apprendre des langues! 我喜欢学习语言! Saya suka bahasa pembelajaran!

15. Do you have any siblings?

Yes,  I am the oldest but I have 2 brothers and a half-brother (aged 13, 11 and 3) and a half-sister (aged about 8 months now!).

16. What's your favourite store?

Topshop! Without a doubt!

17. What's your favourite restaurant?

Hmm...Prezzo or Carluccio's! Do I like Italian food?.....Sì!

18. Do you like school?

Yes, I love it! I love learning and I cannot wait to go to University!

19. Who are some of your favourite Youtubers?

I LOVE Zoella - who doesn't? Louise, Alfie, Naiomi, Tanya, Caspar, Joe, Louis....(all of those guys). I also really like Natoo, she's a French youtuber but she is très amusant! 

20. What's your favourite movie?

Haha, well, I don't really watch lots of movies but I like: Mean Girls, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I also LOVE the book!) and all of the Disney classics (I am yet to still watch the Lion King as I have never watched it! Haha!)

21. What are some of your favourite TV shows?

I love all the American shows: Dance Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, Say Yes to the Dress - you know what I mean!

22. PC or Mac?

I have a PC but I'm hoping to buy a Mac soon and I do prefer them!

23. What phone do you have?

I have an iPhone! Touch wood, I haven't dropped it yet!

24. How tall are you? 

I am 5'6 so I think that's fairly average? 

25. Any pets?

Not currently, I have had a hamster, 4 guinea pigs and a dog in the past but they all passed away. Except from the dog - we had an Alsatian and she started to get aggressive and attacking people and with me and my brother as very young children it wasn't safe to keep her! :-(   

Hopefully you fell like you know me a little more now! If you have any questions you would personally like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment below and I will send a reply! 



  1. Lovely blog post, I have never watched the lion king either x :)

    1. Haha! I still haven't! I did it as a school play - does that count?

      Chloe x

  2. Great post. I love these a lot. I find them so interesting :)