Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lush Bubble Bars: Brightside & Amandopondo

Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of PhotoWhen it comes to Lush, their bubble bars are my absolute favourite. There is nothing better than having a nice, warm bath with a mound full of bubbles and amazing fragrances. Whenever I get chance to go in, I always find myself drifting towards the bubble bar section. What I like about the bubble bars is that you can chop them into smaller pieces without loosing any of their properties: they still smell amazing, produce the same amount of bubbles and make them last so much longer!

When I popped into Lush a few weeks ago I picked up Brightside and Amandopondo to try out as I haven't had them before. Both of them have "citrusy" scents which I love as I find it really refreshing and really wakes you up if you're having a morning bath. Brightside is almost the same as The Comforter however it has a much stronger scent. Huge notes of orange and bergamot break out the moment you crush it amongst your bath water. It also tints the bath water to a bright orange colour which looks amazing! 

Amandopondo on the other hand has a lot more of a relaxed scent. Hints of rose and lemon combine to give you a sweet uplifting fragrance that's relaxing and satisfying. To top it off, it has a cute purple rosebud inserted in the top I'm not really too sure what you supposed to do with it  which I just use in the bath and throw it away! Amandopondo turns your bathwater a slightly milky colour and produces loads of foamy, moisturising bubbles!

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Have you tried out any bubble bars from Lush? What do you think of them? 



  1. I've had Amandopondo before, it's such a delicate fragrance! My favourite Lush bubble bar is definitely Karma- it's really nice if you like citrussy, zingy scents :)

    - Grace's Beauty Space xx

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  3. I love both of these they smell so nice! My favourite bath product from Lush is Pheonix Rising its perfect for a relaxing night

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  4. I love Lush products. Great post! :)


  5. I agree, LUSH bubble bars are one of the best!
    Nice post, followed!:)

  6. I love lush products but have never tried one of the bubble bars these look amazing though and i'm definitely tempted to try them out!
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  7. Lovely pictures!! :)


  8. They look so pretty and it makes me even want to eat them. They look like little pastries.

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  9. I just love lush! And you photographed everything so beautifully!

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  10. These look so nice ! Definitely need to try them.

    Skin & Roses

  11. They look so tasty!!:)
    I've tried and I can say that it is a very good thing for a bath time:)

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  12. These look amazing! Lovely post x